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Sensors & Electronics

Sensors & Electronics

Product Line Overview

PNNL has a number of Product Lines (business focus areas) that were established to provide effective performance of projects with related application attributes and technical base. This focus area specialization allows our Product Line staff to: a) have significant knowledge within their scope, b) better understand client requirements, the technical skills needed to achieve desired solutions, and work methods needed to be successful and efficient, and c) establish planning and control methods tailored to optimize project performance in their focus area. The establishment of the product line management function has provided major benefits to our clients by improving PNNL's ability to successfully address their most challenging, multidisciplinary problems with improved efficiency. It is helping us achieve our aspiration of being recognized as the laboratory that provides responsive, high-quality science and technology solutions with exceptional value.

Our Product Line staff serve a role in PNNL's business operations that has many elements in common with general contractors in the construction industry. General contractors who have established excellent reputations have demonstrated their ability to share the vision for client's project objectives and to deliver them with exceptional quality, on time and within budget. These contractors have recognized expertise in selected applications (e.g., residential, commercial, bridges, etc.), access to the needed specialty subcontractors and materials, and management know how to orchestrate the delivery of each new project as contracted.

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Therefore, if you have a complex problem, identify a PNNL Product Line providing products and services in an area consistent with your needs and they can "build" you a solution. In the Product Line links on previous page, a brief summary of Product Line scope is provided to assist you in identifying key Product Lines that may be best suited to assist you with your needs. Please note that our Product Line links within this website are not fully implemented at this time, so if you would like our assistance in identifying a suitable Product Line for your needs, please contact us.

Sensors & Electronics

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