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Sensors & Electronics

Physical Property Sensors

Photo collage with links to physical property sensor technologies Electromagnetic Field Measurements (131) Mapping RF Energy Absorption in Tissue (202) Non-contact Temperature Measurement (134) Ultrasonic Fingerprints of Materials (103) Electromagnetic Signatures of Metals (132)


Measure intrinsic physical properties of a single material or medium (e.g., electrical conductivity, heat capacity, temperature, density, optical refractive index, velocity of sound in a material, light or electromagnetic field intensity).

Representative Applications

  • Environmental monitoring (temperature, moisture, pressure)
  • Atmospheric monitoring
  • Process monitoring (fluid dynamics, temperature)
  • Material property sensing (hardness, uniformity, viscosity)
  • National security applications
    • Contraband detection (smuggling)
    • CW weapons identification
    • Counter proliferation

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Sensors & Electronics

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Physical Property Sensors

Physical Property Sensors

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