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Advanced Land Mine Detection Method (166)

Timed Neutron Detector
Timed Neutron Detector

Problem: Need for a low-cost, portable instrument capable of effective and efficient detection of buried land mines

Project Activity Scope (from Technical Overview Chart):Interaction Mechanisms through Measurement & Analysis Applications

PNNL Solution:

  • Invented novel timed neutron detection method to rapidly find mines in arid & semi-arid soil (scan rates > 6 m2/min.)
  • Demonstrated technique on real mines which have been disarmed
  • Developed instrument weighing ~5 lbs and costing less than $5K
  • Discover magazine award winner in 2001

Capabilities Employed to Meet Client Needs: Neutron science; analog & digital electronics; mechanical hardware design; system integration; system test & evaluation; system documentation development.

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Contact: Mary Bliss

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