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Macro Property Measurement

Capability and Experience Example Portfolio


Selected macro property measurement capability and experience examples have been documented to illustrate how pertinent PNNL capabilities have been applied to meet a range of government and industry client needs. It is intended that these examples serve as the basis for illustrating how these PNNL measurement capabilities can be applied to provide the required solutions to important client requirements. In order to simplify your efforts to identify macro measurement capabilities that are pertinent to your specific application requirements, individual capability/experience pages can be accessed from the various keyword lists (or from the full portfolio list).

The capability/experience portfolio is still under development and efforts are continuing to expand the coverage of the website materials to include additional examples. If you do not find specific capabilities of interest to you in the current website materials, please contact us to determine if our staff have the capabilities and experience to meet your needs and/or visit our website in the future to examine new materials that will be added to the portfolio as soon as they are completed.

Sensors & Electronics

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Macro Property Measurements

Macro Property Measurement

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