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Sensors & Electronics

Macro Property Measurement


Detection/measurement of properties of a non-uniform material/medium, objects (either natural or man-made, large or small), or structures.

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While this title may not be common nomenclature, the capabilities and applications grouped under this heading are important to many of our clients and PNNL has a significant number of staff engaged in these activities.

For illustration, consider several examples of how Macro-Property measurements are distinguished from other sensing categories:

  • Measure of temperature at a point in the atmosphere is a physical measurement (an individual sensor can be used) while measuring the temperature profile in a column of air above a test site is a macro-property measurement which may use a series of temperature sensors or an optical method using remote lasers and detection systems
  • Detection and characterization of cracks in a metal pipe is a macro-property measurement which may use an electromagnetic, acoustic, or ultrasonic probe and specialized data acquisition and analysis methods

Representative Applications

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation (material integrity, defect detection & characterization)
  • Metrology (dimensional gauging, product inspection)
  • Shape & texture characterization
  • Remote sensing (thermal, vegetation, mineral, etc.)
  • Atmospheric & Marine measurements
  • Geophysical Measurements (natural/buried material)
  • Equipment operational diagnostic measurements
  • Medical diagnostic applications (ultrasound, optical, mm-wave)

Technology Overview

Range of Pertinent Capabilities and Experience

Capability and Experience Example Portfolio

PNNL Product Lines Served

Ultrasonic Case Depth Hardness Method (102) Remote Environmental Monitoring (97) mm-Wave Imaging Technology (72) Geophysical Measurements (83) Mapping of Nearshore Marine Waters (192) Mixing Jets in Non-Newtonian Fluids (204) Monitoring Electric Power Grid Dynamics (92)

Sensors & Electronics

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Macro Property Measurements

Macro Property Measurement

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