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Sensors & Electronics

Sensors & Electronics

Electronics & Systems

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The coordination and integration of complimentary equipment subsystems necessary to provide overall application functionality.

Representative Applications

  • Integration of sensors, signal processing electronics, computer system (including software), & mechanical hardware to enable deployment of automated production inspection equipment
  • Development of field portable measurement instruments to meet National Security and environmental application requirements
  • Development of airborne instrumentation and ground based data recovery/analysis systems

Range of Activities

  • Functional requirements specification
    • Instrument/System functions
    • Interface requirements
  • Conceptual design development
  • Sensor suite evaluation and selection (if needed)
  • Signal processing, controls, communication, and data acquisition system development
  • Software development
  • Mechanical equipment and packaging development
  • System assembly, shakedown and installation
  • System documentation

System Technology Overview

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Sensors & Electronics

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Electronics & Systems

Electronics & Systems

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