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Field "Calibrator" for Radiation Instruments (369)

Graphic representation of process solution work flow Synthetic Gamma-ray Spectra (158)  Field calibrator validation (371)  Portable calibrator test instrument (370)

Problem: Need reliable, "cold" method for field calibration of gamma and neutron detector instrument electronics operation.

Project Activity Scope (from Technical Overview Chart): Circuits and Devices through Integrated Systems

PNNL Solution:

  • Develop concept for field "calibrator" using no radioactive sources
  • Specify radiation source for instrument evaluation
  • Obtain gamma emission data; experimental, simulated
  • Obtain neutron emission data; experimental, simulated
  • Convert to temporally random data streams
  • Develop DVD player-based portable test instrument
  • Record DVD with temporal data streams for instrument evaluation
  • Perform lab validation of instrument performance
  • Perform field demonstration
  • "Cold" confirmation of instrument electronics performance

Capabilities Employed to Meet Client Needs:

  • Calibration concept development; radiation transport simulation; analog and digital electronics; system test and evaluation; design documentation; performance documentation; conducted practical field demonstration.

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Contact: Scott Morris

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