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Signal Processing for Nuclear Sensing (426)

Problem: State of the art nuclear radiation detection relies on excellent signal processing electronics to meet requirements.

Graphic chart showing detector and signal interface, processing and analysis and representative examples

Project Activity Scope (from Technical Overview Chart): Circuits and Devices through Controls and Measurements.

PNNL Solution:

  • Different detectors* require tailored signal processing electronics depending on signal characteristics
  • Leveraged knowledge of detector signal characteristics and application requirements
  • Developed processing electronics for various instruments that achieved excellent performance and met size, form factor and power requirements

(*Detector options include PMTs, He3 tubes, etc.)

Capabilities Employed to Meet Client Needs: Understanding of various nuclear detector operating characteristics and signal characteristics; analog circuit design to: a) optimize detector performance, b) provide suitable signal for subsequent processing, c) meet application dynamic range and power requirements; circuit fabrication, checkout and validation; circuit integration with balance of system; design documentation.

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Contact: John Rohrer

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