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Sensors & Electronics

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Range of Pertinent Capabilities and Experience

Capabilities and experience examples cited include (but are not limited to) electrical and electronic technologies, system integration activities incorporating electrical/electronics subsystems, and supporting capabilities. The range of capabilities cited includes:

  • knowledge of key electrical and electronic phenomena and device performance that are important for critical application requirements,
  • capabilities that enable the development of effective electronics and electrical systems including understanding of dynamic system effects, (e.g., circuit modeling, large electrical system modeling [for example, the power grid, etc.], modeling of electromagnetic field interactions, etc.),
  • capabilities for the development, enhancement and application of specific electrical and electronic system components and method options including data acquisition systems control systems, signal processing, data analysis methods, etc.,
  • capabilities that allow the prediction of electrical and electronic phenomena and device performance that are necessary to better define the requirements and application domains for electronic and electrical systems,
  • capabilities to test, evaluate, validate, and demonstrate electronic devices, circuits, and systems,
  • capabilities to provide effective understanding, interpretation, and dissemination of resulting data, and
  • electrical and electronic capabilities applied to meet specific application requirements.

Sensors & Electronics

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Electronics & Systems

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