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Sensors & Electronics

Sensors & Electronics

Electronics & Systems

PNNL's Electronics and Systems Integration capability is critically important to many of the clients we serve.


  • Electronic circuits are commonly used to transform the sensor output to useful signals for data interpretation or process control.
  • Electronics are routinely required to bring many of our sensor and measurement system concepts into practical applications and to the functional requirements of our clients. In many cases, this may build on PNNL-developed sensors or measurement ideas. However, it also includes the incorporation of commercial sensors and measurement instruments or subsystems into integrated systems to meet client requirements.
  • We also develop and deliver specialized electronics designed to meet specific client requirements.

System Integration

  • Integrated systems are often required for applications that involve robust measurement methods, automated data acquisition, and effective process monitoring and control.
  • We routinely perform system integration functions to ensure that complex systems are designed, effectively reviewed at the design stage, fabricated and assembled, tested and validated, and delivered to the client.

PNNL has delivered electronics and systems to serve reliably in a variety of application environments ranging from laboratories, field tests, factories, and space flight.

Sensors & Electronics

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Electronics & Systems

Electronics & Systems

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