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Infrared Signatures for Chemical Sensing (12)

Problem: Determine infrared signatures of chemical vapors in working atmosphere to allow analyte detection/quantitation

Chemical Sensing Physical Property Sensing Chemical Sensing Physical Property Sensing

Project Activity Scope (from Technical Overview Chart): Mechanisms through Devices

PNNL Solution:

  • Performed IR spectral characterization (low - very high resolution data) of key analytes and interferents
  • Conducted IR spectral modeling of analyte and atmospheric gases to determine optimal measurement spectral domain
  • Predicted detection sensitivity

Capabilities Employed to Meet Client Needs: FTIR for spectral measurements with the capability to measure very high resolution to routine resolution spectra; analyte preparations and distillations; independent chemical analyses of samples for quality assurance support; accurate vapor sample dilutions to allow quantitative measurements; multipass optical cell measurements; laser-based spectral measurements; measurements of ultra-cold vapors with existing databases (HiTran, etc.); optical system assembly and use; equipment to handle highly reactive and toxic vapor samples; diffuse scattering measurements of solid samples.

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Contact: Steven Sharpe

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Chemical Sensors

Chemical Sensors

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