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Sensors & Electronics

Chemical Sensors

Compact Aerosol Collector/Concentrator (421)

Problem: Need a small, compact device to rapidly collect and concentrate chemicals from large volumes of air for sensing.

Project Activity Scope (from Technical Overview Chart): Mechanisms through Sensors and Devices.

PNNL Solution:

Graphic concept and actual photo of micro-channel array collector device
  • Developed concept for Micro-channel Array Collector (MArC)
  • Constructed array of micro-channel plates that allow low resistance air flow in the 100L/minute range
  • Employed thin, water laden wicking material to trap and absorb chemicals for liquid transport to a detector
  • Interfaced liquid extraction directly into detector system for analysis

Capabilities Employed to Meet Client Needs: Experience in developing large volume air sampling equipment to increase sensor detection limits; understanding of fluid (air and liquid) flow in micro-channel devices; design, fabrication, and evaluation of prototype Micro-channel Array Collector (MArC) units tailored to provide sensor input solutions (including micro-channel components, liquid extraction components, robust housing, and sensor interface connections); test planning and evaluation.

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Contact: Jon Wahl

Sensors & Electronics

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Chemical Sensors

Chemical Sensors

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