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Sensors & Electronics

Sensors & Electronics

Chemical Sensors

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Detect/measure the presence and concentration of specific target chemicals (e.g., molecules, ions).

Representative Applications

  • Environmental characterization and monitoring
  • Workplace safety monitoring
  • Chemical process monitoring
  • National security applications
    • Military chemical weapons detection
    • Contraband detection (smuggling, terrorism, etc.)
    • Counter proliferation
    • Treaty verification
  • Medical analyte sensors

Technology Overview

Range of Pertinent Capabilities and Experience

Capability and Experience Example Portfolio

PNNL Product Lines Served

Infrared Signatures for Chemical Sensing (12) Ultra-Selective Chemical "Sniffer" (13) Infrared Analysis of Auto Exhaust (11) Small Bore Elemental Analysis Probe (4) In-Situ Ground Water Probe (22) Fieldable Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Sensor (9) In-Situ Sensor for Lead and Cadmium (8) Fiber Optic Chemical Vapor Sensors (147) Selective Coatings for Chemical Sensors (5) Field Sensor System for CW Analytes (14)

Sensors & Electronics

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Chemical Sensors

Chemical Sensors

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