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Rapid Screening of Microorganisms (2)

Biosensing Macro-Property Measurements Biosensing Macro-Property Measurements

Problem: Develop rapid, effective screening tool for biological pathogens as a trigger for high precision analytical methods

Project Activity Scope (from Technical Overview Chart): Measurement & Analysis Method Development through Integrated Systems

PNNL Solution:

  • Developed optical method based on Fourier analysis of organism shapes
  • Used an optical correlator to allow rapid classification of "bug" images
  • Developed Fourier transform filters for identification of key organisms
  • Demonstrated classification from images recorded with various "bugs"

Capabilities Employed to Meet Client Needs: Identified relevant test microorganisms with varying degrees of morphological similarity; cultured selected microorganisms to provide sufficient populations for test purposes (in both pure cultures & mixtures); synthesized "smart" Fourier image filters to reduce sensitivity to image rotation and scale differences while maintaining sensitivity to characteristic organism shape differences; evaluated filter performance using optical correlator & magnified (1000X) images of organisms to test functionality for automated discrimination of different classes of organisms; developed a preliminary system architecture for an image capture and processing system for identification of microorganisms.

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Contact: Paul Keller