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Biological Sensors

Imprinted Media for High Selectivity Sensors (238)

Problem: Capture a desired chem- or bio-agent from a highly cluttered background to improve detection selectivity

Surface imprinted for anthrax spore culture graphic

Project Activity Scope (from TechnicalOverview Chart): Mechanisms through Sensors and Devices

PNNL Solution:

  • Combine: a) high affinity surface chemistry to attract & hold specific molecular species b) template imprinted polymers to preferentially capture desired chem-bio agent(s) based on shape (“key & lock” idea)
  • Demonstrated orders of magnitude improvement in detection selectivity for chem-related & nuclear materials

Capabilities Employed to Meet Client Needs: Polymer synthesis, vapor polymer interaction, affinity binding agents, micro-beads, multiple sensor testing platforms, material imprint preparation & processing, selective sorption, selective non-aqueous interaction, organism class separation, bacterial-mediated lithography.

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Contact: Scott Harvey

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Biological Sensors

Biological Sensors

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