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BEADS: Automated Sample Processing System for Biodetection (260)

Problem: Need field deployable sample processing system for environmental and clinical samples prior to biodetection

Photo of field portable, self-contained unit

Project Activity Scope (from TechnicalOverview Chart): Sensors and Devices through Integrated Systems

PNNL Solution:

  • Automated "BEADS" technology for efficient analyte extraction from complex samples
  • Analyte is concentrated and purified
  • Field portable, self-contained unit
  • Optional cell lysis, DNA amplification, and optical detection integrated into unit

Capabilities Employed to Meet Client Needs: Bead attachment chemistry; antibody development; renewal filter system development; bead handling methodologies; sample cell design for reliable bead exchange (rotating rod concept); fluidic systems; interface requirements to multiple sensor/detection technologies, anti-body development.

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Contact: Cindy Bruckner-Lea

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Biological Sensors

Biological Sensors

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