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Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Awards

FLC Awards are made by the Federal Laboratory Consortium and are typically given for excellence in technology transfer from a federal lab to other organizations and industry. A brief description of each PNNL award winner can be found by clicking on the name of the award winner (text excerpted from the PNNL FLC website.)

2005 - Millimeter Wave Holographic Body Scanner

2003 - Acoustic Inspection Device

Hand holding reader device Handheld reader

2002 - Radio Frequency Identification Tags for Tracking and Inventory

2001 - Multi-Blade Knife Failure Detector

2001 - Radionuclide Detection Technologies

1999 - Fiber-Optic Neutron and Gamma Ray Sensor

1998 - Nuclide Navigator

1996 - Automated Tool Profile Grinding Machine

1995 - Ultrasonic Microstructural Analyzer (UMA)

1995 - Cooled, Optically Stimulated Luminescence (COSL)

1995 - Scout™

1992 - Electro-optic Liquid Soil Sensor

1991 - Survey Meter Recorder

1990 - Steel Temperature Measuring Device

1986 - Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique

1984 - Neutron Dosimetry Technology

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Sensors & Electronics

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