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Sensors & Electronics

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's (S&E) staff provide scientific and technology development to meet a broad range of sensor, measurement technology, electronic (including controls), and system integration application requirements. Activities performed are tailored to meet client/project needs and include:

  • scientific investigations and analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • measurement and data analysis, method development, validation, and application
  • laboratory testing
  • prototype equipment development and evaluation
  • development and deployment of field hardened equipment and methods.

Electronics devices and equipment are developed and deployed to support sensing and measurement applications and to meet stand-alone electronics requirements. PNNL's S&E staff possess a broad range of technical expertise and application area experience which allows them to form teams to advance the technology and to ensure that the development equipment and methods meet the practical application requirements. More detailed information is the provided in the Overview statement.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with an efficient method to familiarize yourself with the PNNL Sensors and Electronics capabilities. Selected project examples are included to illustrate how these capabilities have been employed to meet a range of government and industry client needs. This website is still under development. Some PNNL S&E capabilities are not well represented at this time. Even in areas of the website that are fairly well populated, only selected technical capabilities and project examples are included. It is intended that the examples serve as the basis for discussion of specific project/client needs and how the PNNL S&E capabilities can assist in providing required solutions. Efforts are continuing to expand the coverage of the website materials to include additional capabilities and project examples. If you do not find specific capabilities in the current website materials, please revisit our website in the future to examine new materials added and/or contact us to determine if our capability portfolio includes capabilities and experience pertinent to your needs.

We trust that you will find this website informative and helpful.

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Sensors & Electronics

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